Newsletter update

Writer fail! I am totally slack with the mailing list... But-I-will-get-one-out-soon!
Two exciting things... I'm part of a bundle of down under beach reads coming up June and July (for the American market!) which will feature seven other authors and be priced at just .99c - a mix of novels and novellas - so keep an eye out.  I've contributed Falling for Jack, and we have the most gorgeous cover for the bundle with the tagline... 100% Pure Romance.
Also... I'm getting a new cover done for The Return of Gabe McLeod (Book 1 in the Frazier Bay series) in time for a free promo of the book in May on Amazon. So if you haven't read it and want to pick up a copy, watch out for that.
I generally send the newsletter out a couple of times a year when there's a new book or bundle or free promo coming up.
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