I've been tinkering with covers again.
This time, it is Charlotte's Wish, which has had several incarnations. The new one is keeping in line with the second book in the series, Finding Farrell and is going back to having a couple on the front.
Charlotte's Wish
I really liked the previous one but it featured a girl on the cover because Charlotte is the daughter of the hero, and while I loved it, and others loved it, and I was pretty pleased with it, (especially because I'm not terribly artistic), the fact is, it wasn't a great cover for marketing a romance.

I was listening to some podcasts on covers and was quite surprised at the number of amazingly successful top indie authors who make their own covers, but I see the appeal. For a start, you can tinker any time you like. It's very satisfying although incredibly frustrating when it just doesn't seem to work, or I keep having to watch the Youtube tutorial because I've forgotten what to do. Cripes. Write it down, Jo, write the details down!

I had a few covers done professionally and while these guys can do really neat stuff (stuff I haven't got a hope of ever mastering), all the going back-and-forth with the designer on some of them did my head in. However, I got totally lucky, I reckon, with the Daisy cover, right off the bat, and which is my absolute fav.
Unfortunately, when I went back to get a cover designed for a different book, I just didn't like any of the images the designer supplied or the covers at all. Nothing wrong with any of them, they just weren't right for me.

The All About Sage cover was designed by the guy who did Daisy, and I liked it heaps, although I had him make the dress a bit longer as Sage is a bit of a hippy and wouldn't wear a super short skirt. The only problem with a lot of the cover models is they look about twelve twenty and Sage is mid 30s but you know, I also realised that you don't actually stare at the covers that much anyway, as  a reader. Well, I sure don't. You get an overall impression of a cover more than anything. If the heroine in the book is blonde and the cover model is a brunette, I doubt I'd even notice.

There have been times I've found the perfect image pretty much straight away and its crack open the champagne  Lindauer-on-special-at-the-supermarket time. Other times, man, other times, you can just go through pages and pages and pages and pages and pages and even more pages, dozens and dozens of pages, to find an image, and still not find the right one, and you just want to die. However, the joy of it is you do have control, you can get what you like in the end, and if you don't like it after a while (or no-one else likes it) you can just start all over again with a new one.