Kindle love

While we all still love paperbacks and hardcover books, and the smell of paper and that whole tactile thing that goes along with books, I love my Kindle. I really just love that skinny little gadget of plastic and whatever else its made of.
There is the reading of actual stories that is just so convenient, especially when commuting, and not taking up too much room in the bag, but the other thing I love it for, is being able to send a word document to the Kindle email address and, like some sort of witchcraft, the document is there, waiting to be read. Its especially good for reading through a manuscript (which I am doing now) and being able to enlarge the font so you don't miss as many typos.  Bodes well when the day comes when I need reading glasses and have to REALLY ENLARGE THE FONT.
While I still like to read a manuscript printed out on paper, reading a document in Kindle format is like reading the book once its published, and its a whole different experience: you just see things you don't see in 12 point Courier on your laptop.
Admittedly I was in possession of a Kindle for about three years before I realized you could actually do this, that is send your work to it, but it has made proofing a manuscript so much better and, in fact, any document you want to read.
Just a little Kindle tip.

Obviously this is not a Kindle, but just a random picture of my bookshelf. Note the OCD organisation!