New blog title: The Medium Life

So I changed the title of my blog, which didn't really have a title anyway, beyond Joanne romance writer or something. Three hours later and I've completely forgotten, that's how memorable it was.
And I was on the bus to work this morning, thinking about nothing much. The phone had gone flat (must google how to fix that cos whats the point of having aps if the phone can't hack it) and I suddenly thought, The Medium Life. Just like that.  As in, its not a high life, or a low life. At times I spose its both. If you saw the state of my kitchen/garden/garage/behind the garage you would say - definitely low life. And if you.... gosh, there is no high life. Who wants a high life anyway? So maybe lower-medium life would be a better title, though... no, let's not get silly on it.
Then I discovered Canva and went and made graphics for twitter and the website, and the blog, which will all probably change consistently, eg when its 3am and I can't sleep.
But, yep, The Medium Life. I figure most of us have medium lives, because it all balances out, pretty much, if only in hindsight.
Welcome to The Medium Life.