Weekend movie "Regarding Henry"

Sometimes you just want to watch an old favourite movie and go for a browse of the DVD stash; I'm so glad I didn't get rid of them cos sometimes flicking through the pile is such a nice thing to do.
Am also so glad we've still got the XBox so I can watch them on the actual TV.
Anyhoo, yesterday I was flicking through the stash and came across the 1991 film, "Regarding Henry."
What a treasure. I hadn't seen it in years but it was an hour and a half wonderfully spent.

Henry Turner (Harrison Ford) is a hard-arsed, workaholic lawyer in New York, and when he goes to the local store to get a packet of ciggies, oh the memories, there's a robbery in place,  he is shot and ends up losing oxygen to his brain, and suffering brain damage. His marriage to Sarah hasn't been great, and he's been pretty harsh with only child, Rachel, but as he learns to speak and walk in rehab, and then comes home, the family grows together, from being distant to very close and l…

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Current work in progress and a lovely review

I am currently working on a new book, with no title yet, but it will be about Michelle, Daisy's best friend in Dating Daisy I always thought it would be fun to write Michelle's story, and I came up with an idea a while back, wrote a first chapter and got side-tracked. Now that I am taking annual leave during our new two weeks lockdown here in New Zealand, I have a week to literally write a rough first draft, with no idea of the plot as such, to discover all that as I go along and hopefully at the end, it will work enough, that I can then go back and work on it and make it really, really good. Sounds like a great challenge.On the subject of Daisy, I received a great review on Amazon this week which cheered me up no end.  Not that I needed cheering up, but it cheered me up all the same.With a lot of humor and a little angst Joanne Hill really grabs your attention and holds it with Dating Daisy. Daisy and Joel make a very mismatched but so right for each other couple! I've f…


Dating Daisy is free for the next day or so, depending where on the planet you live. The last day is August 13th, so go here to grab a copy of this romantic comedy, one of my all-time favs. A bookshop owner and an ancient history professor, what's not to love?
Daisy Miller needs to save her book shop from going under, and she needs a plan fast. Her solution? Try out for TV's new Mystery Date show to get some free promotion. She just hadn't counted on winning a "date" with hot historian, Dr Joel Benjamin - or that Joel would be the tubby teen she'd commiserated with years ago after a blind date gone wrong.

Joel has put those painful teenage years behind him, throwing himself into his work, where he isn't judged by his looks. But meeting Daisy Miller is about to change his life in ways he never thought possible. But will Daisy ever believe that Joel can really, truly love her, when she's spent a lifetime feeling second best?


Free for two days, the third book in the City of Sails series, exclusive to Amazon, on all Amazon sites. Grab a copy now if you like sweet, heartwarming stories with a touch of humour!Amazon UK Amazon Australia Amazon US

The Princess Switch

My current Netflix obsession is The Princess Switch. There is much I love about this movie.So much, and here are just some of the reasons.
For a start, it's a Christmas movie. I just love 'em. And they are not just for Christmas. No siree. They are for the whole 52 weeks, if you ask me. Second, it's got some neat Christmas songs. What's not to love about Christmas songs? See point number eight. Third, it's got baking. Stacey is a baker, and there is a baking competition, and she makes biscuits to take to the families in the shelter. Who doesn't love baking or at least, eating baked goods? Fourth, it's about royalty. I got quite emotional seeing Queen Elizabeth knight Captain Tom Moore the other day, and one of the royals shares my birthday. Fantastic. Fifth, it's got humour in it. What's not to love about humour?  Sixth, it's got winter in it. Winter is my favourite season.  I also happen to be rather partial to Spring, Summer and Autumn, but Wi…

Crossword puzzle craze

I read a blog post a few days ago on the craze of Crossword Puzzles. 

In the 1920s, it had become a huge craze, even described as a 'cult' and an 'epidemic'. 
One quote in the post from America, claimed, “there have been reports of police magistrates sternly rationing addicts to three puzzles a day, with an alternative of ten days in the workhouse, because wives have complained that their misguided spouses have been neglecting the support of their families."

It's amusing, looking back now, considering that puzzles are seen as a good way to aid in preventing dementia. It reminds me of when I researched romance novels a few years ago for a study project and how romance novels, especially the shorter category-length novels a la Harlequin, were blamed for all sorts of problems in people's (ie women's) lives as well.

Here's the link to the Crossword Puzzle post:

~ Joanne