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The Princess Switch

My current Netflix obsession is The Princess Switch. There is much I love about this movie.So much, and here are just some of the reasons.
For a start, it's a Christmas movie. I just love 'em. And they are not just for Christmas. No siree. They are for the whole 52 weeks, if you ask me. Second, it's got some neat Christmas songs. What's not to love about Christmas songs? See point number eight. Third, it's got baking. Stacey is a baker, and there is a baking competition, and she makes biscuits to take to the families in the shelter. Who doesn't love baking or at least, eating baked goods? Fourth, it's about royalty. I got quite emotional seeing Queen Elizabeth knight Captain Tom Moore the other day, and one of the royals shares my birthday. Fantastic. Fifth, it's got humour in it. What's not to love about humour?  Sixth, it's got winter in it. Winter is my favourite season.  I also happen to be rather partial to Spring, Summer and Autumn, but Wi…

Crossword puzzle craze

I read a blog post a few days ago on the craze of Crossword Puzzles. 

In the 1920s, it had become a huge craze, even described as a 'cult' and an 'epidemic'. 
One quote in the post from America, claimed, “there have been reports of police magistrates sternly rationing addicts to three puzzles a day, with an alternative of ten days in the workhouse, because wives have complained that their misguided spouses have been neglecting the support of their families."

It's amusing, looking back now, considering that puzzles are seen as a good way to aid in preventing dementia. It reminds me of when I researched romance novels a few years ago for a study project and how romance novels, especially the shorter category-length novels a la Harlequin, were blamed for all sorts of problems in people's (ie women's) lives as well.

Here's the link to the Crossword Puzzle post:

~ Joanne

Two Free Books

I have a couple of books that are going for free on Amazon over the next few days, until the end of March, I think.

The link is HERE.

One of those books is The Return of Gabe Mcleod.
I mention this because my next published book will be the second book in this Frazier Bay series, The Heart of Matthew McLeod. Set in the fictional small South Island town of Frazier Bay, it involves a family history mystery element, two people, Matthew and Anna, bruised from their previous relationships, and many of the characters from Frazier Bay.
If you feel like some reading material, in these troubled and troubling times, then please follow that link to get them.
~ Joanne.

Lock down

Kia ora world,
Well, it's just over 24 hours until we go into a four-week Lockdown. I just heard on the news that 20% of the world's population is in lockdown.
Last night I got an exercise book and began writing daily posts, backdated from when it started to get real, this whole thing. The earliest reference I had to Covid-19 was noting the signs in the doctor's surgery when I went in on Monday March 9th to get my asthma prescription, which I did to make sure I had the inhalers if I succumbed to the virus. That was all. Preparation in the event of... I started thinking about keeping a day-to-day detailed diary, not because I EVER ever ever thought we'd go into a lockdown, or that jobs would be lost, and the world tossed into disarray, and death tolls would rocket, but just because, why not.   
When it was announced here on Saturday 14th, that anyone coming into New Zealand, even from Australia, would have to go into a two week self isolation, it became serious. My brot…

Dating Daisy and Charlotte's Wish are free

I currently have a few books for free for just a few days.
These are:
Charlotte's Wish, and Dating Daisy.
Head to my Amazon page for more info and for links to download.

Peaches and the cherry guava

It is Autumn, officially,  here in NZ, and there's plenty of heat although not a lot of rain. Much of the country is in drought, although rain is, yet again forecast this week. Here's hoping.
I don't have a big garden at all, but I do have a few trees.
My peach tree was a bit of a failure in its output. That's not new, but I found some small peaches today and here they are. They are the size of apricots but pretty nice to eat.

In more exciting news, though, there are heaps of green fruit on the red cherry guava tree and today I noticed they are starting to ripen. Yay!! Last year I made my first ever lot of cherry guava jelly and it was a massive success. This is  a tree that must have grown from a seed dropped by a bird (possibly my neighbours had a tree years ago and the seed came from there, who knows) but because the tree grew next to a huge camelia tree, I never knew it was growing until it became obvious there were two trees there, and one of them was not like the…