Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Mince pies are one of my favourites treats at Christmas and I do like making my own, and I think they're cheaper, and generally nicer (though not always...!). I made my own fruit mince with what was left over from the Christmas Cake, and added in a diced apple. Plus I'd inherited brandy so added some of that, since I had it anyway.  There was a bit more 'stuff'' in the mixture than usual, courtesy of the Christmas cake ingredients. 

I also decided to make mini ones, not the muffin-sized ones, and I had two lots of mini muffin tins. I can't say that I've used them a lot, they are quite fiddly, really,  but it was a bit of fun, too, playing Christmas music and making a mess in the kitch.
Plus I'd watched the Great Kiwi Bake off that week on the telly, so was a bit inspired to try and make a decent job of  the pies/tarts.

So there wasn't really a recipe for it, a bit of a hotch potch of ingredients, but they were baked, and tasted,  deemed suitable to allow everyone else to eat, and were quite perfect with a cup of tea. 

They were also gone by the end of the day (to be fair they were 'mini'),  and there is now the conundrum of what to do with the left over fruit mince. Make some more pies, freeze for another time, or do something else. I suspect it will be freeze.

Best of the season to you!!

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