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Weekend movie "Regarding Henry"

Sometimes you just want to watch an old favourite movie and go for a browse of the DVD stash; I'm so glad I didn't get rid of them cos sometimes flicking through the pile is such a nice thing to do. Am also so glad we've still got the XBox so I can watch them on the actual TV. Anyhoo, yesterday I was flicking through the stash and came across the 1991 film, "Regarding Henry." What a treasure. I hadn't seen it in years but it was an hour and a half wonderfully spent. Henry Turner (Harrison Ford) is a hard-arsed, workaholic lawyer in New York, and when he goes to the local store to get a packet of ciggies, oh the memories, there's a robbery in place,  he is shot and ends up losing oxygen to his brain, and suffering brain damage. His marriage to Sarah hasn't been great, and he's been pretty harsh with only child, Rachel, but as he learns to speak and walk in rehab, and then comes home, the family grows together, from being distant to very close