So Frenchy So Chic

The French! I am a bit into things French at the moment, partly because.. well, why not? There's a lot to like (she says, avoiding looking English people in the eye...)
Plus I'm meant to be spending a few days on a certain French Pacific island in a few months, so am brushing up on sixth form French in anticipation of not making a complete twit of myself.
I could set a book there. Tax write off...
Anyhow, besides drinking lots of cafe au lait, I recently discovered a fabulous French singer, Lou Doillon. She had a song on the "So Frenchy So Chic" CD (one day I'm going to that!) , so I tried out her CD "Places" - and just loved it. Its kind of cruisey-pop, and a few months back I played it all the way in the car on a long drive.
Lou has got a gorgeous, deep voice, sings in English, and writes her own stuff - like this clip, ICU, which is quite possibly my favourite song on the album.
Here tis. Definitely chic.

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