Sunday, April 29, 2018

Beautiful sunsets

I was down on the farm recently, when I spotted the most gorgeous sunset.
You don't often get to marvel at such a sunset like this in the city, surrounded by buildings and trees, so I rushed outside with the phone, and took photos.
I was wandering around snapping away, when I noticed people standing at the end of the drive, on the road. Being as it was about to get dark, and these people were just sort of standing there, doing nothing (it didn't look like they were changing a tyre or anything mechanical) suspicion set rapidly in.
A while back, the farmer across the road had discovered the remains of some his sheep which had been butchered overnight. Hideous stuff, notwithstanding it was theft.
I rushed inside to grab the binoculars, dashed upstairs to look out the window and admittedly it took an age to focus with the things and the people were blurry, but success. I had these potential perps in my sight.
They stood on our side of the road but they didn't face our property. That is, it didn't look like they were sussing out the property, eyeing up the cattle, or anything like that for their vile crime.
This was interesting.
Were they checking out the farm across the road? Was it for sale? Were they planning to camp on the roadside?
More and more curious.
Then suddenly two of them dashed into the road, stopped in the middle. and turned around.
Of course.
They were taking photos against the same sunset. I imagined, given they were blurry, that they were a young couple, maybe engagement or wedding photos being taken, but they could just has easily have been middle-aged with my eyesight. Or tourists taking advantage of the scene. They were posing in the middle of the road.
Very cute, I thought.
Peace was restored in my over-active imagination, and soon the sun had set. It was cold enough for the fire to be lit in the lounge, a book to be read, and maybe, somewhere out there, a happy couple looking forward to admiring some beautiful photos.
~ Joanne

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