Sunday, January 27, 2019

She's a crazy world

It's always great when some of the fam are in town for a visit, and what do you do, why, you go shopping, especially when one is an admitted shopaholic!  Personally, I am not a fan of the mall excursion, (I'm not the shopaholic, truly) but you combine it with the right people, a movie, and it's all good.
We ventured straight to the sale racks at H&M, a new addition to local retail, then headed to the theatre complex to see the film "Ladies in Black," a gorgeous Australian movie set in 1959. Highly recommend it.
Before we saw the movie though, we encountered a stand selling Ben and Jerry's Ice cream. I had never seen one of these before. It was doing quite a good trade, too,
Thus it was that a zillion calories later, we exited the theatre, quite happy about the marvellous film, and went home where we might even have indulged in more ice-cream. I will have to fast for a week month to make up for it at my age.
The Ben and Jerry's outlets are popping up everywhere. 
A darling little town in the South Waikato
 I was Tiki Touring through this fine land a few weeks back and in Taupo we stopped off at a petrol station and went in to pay for the gas, and have a break after so many hours on the road, and I nearly had heart failure when I spotted an ice-cream fridge selling Ben and Jerry's.  I couldn't believe it. We NZers are now heading towards even more obesity if we don't resist.It's like the Krispy Kreme donuts, another recent arrival to food retail here. At the airport recently (please note that there has been no international travel in all this gadding about, none at all, and none planned beyond the shores of Aotearoa New Zealand) and people were getting on the plane with boxes of donuts. What the heck? Where had they gotten these? Well, upon my return to same airport, as I went from one end of the terminal to the other in search of a not-too-overpriced diet coke, I happened upon the donut stand selling them, and observed queues, and more people wandering around the airport loaded up with boxes of donuts. I couldn't believe it.
Move ahead a wee bit to the petrol station where I encountered the ice cream and unbelievable but they had a Krispy Kreme donut thing as well. I couldn't believe it. Clearly, I am in a state of perpetual disbelief at life these days.
I bought one.
I spent some time deciding which donut to have from the selection. I can't remember which one it was as it wasn't all that spectacular.
It was also excrutiating parting with the money when I could get a bigger donut (that is, the donut I think of as the traditional Kiwi donut with jam and cream) up the road at the local bakery for way less. (The local bakery was four hours drive away).
Now, the donut was nice enough, but it was pretty much gone in sixty seconds. The bakery one would have lasted a bit longer and been a bit cheaper. But more importantly, I resisted the ice-cream.
Got a trim milk latte to accompany the donut and we were on our way.
She's a crazy world, I'm telling ya. A crazy, crazy world.

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