Thursday, November 7, 2019

Currently reading "Wanderers" by Chuck Wendig

I am currently reading this gripping novel, Wanderers by Chuck Wendig. I am saying "currently reading" because it might be a while before I finish it. The reason being it is a massive book, it is heavy, and I can't be lugging it back and forth on the bus from work every day or I'll do myself an injury, so I'm only reading it in my breaks at work. So clearly, I will be buying my own copy and not relying on the library one. It's due back in a few weeks anyway, and there's a hold list for it.  
I came across Wendig from a writerly-type blog he writes, Terrible Minds. I don't tend to read much science fiction or horror, which are two of the categories it's under,  although a local book chain calls it "The biggest thriller of the year."  Regardless of the genre, the premise looked compelling, I thought I'd give it a go, and damn straight, I'm hooked from the first page. 
I'm always in awe of authors who can write such stories and keep the characters and the plot all together, and this book is huge. But I am loving it, and being as I'm about to take a few days off from work next week, I think it behooves me to buy a copy and, over those days on leave, see where this story goes. (Although, I'm going out of town  and with only carry-on luggage, ie limited weight for the flight, I will have to hope that where I'm going has a book store that actually stocks it. Or can I get away with just carrying it in my hand? Well, not in my hand cos I'll break my fingers, but under my arm or something, and avoid the weight issue? Oh the dilemmas for the cheap frugal traveller, the dilemmas...) 
I've got a feeling it will be one of those books that, when you get to the end, you have to go right back and read it all over again, and marvel at the skill of the author in writing such a marvellous beast.

A Zoo Visit

We paid a visit to the zoo over the holidays. We got there first thing in the morning, before opening, as we needed to borrow a wheel chair...