Tuesday, December 17, 2019

A great read

In wonderful new reading, that is not Christmas, my sister recommended Jenny Colgan, and I've just finished  The Cafe by the Sea.

Wonderful story with a whimsical theme running through it. Flora left her home island of Mure in Scotland, to live and work in London, but when a client of the law firm she works for wants to develop some land on Mure, and it involves a legal battle, her boss Joel (whom she's had a massive crush on) sends her back. But Mure is the last place she wants to return to...

There is a lot to this story. Who is she going to end up with? Where doe she end up?

I also love food-type stories, and when Flora finds her mother's recipes,  I got to thinking how my gran used to write down recipes and now we either print them off or read them while we're cooking from a website. (Or write them down on backs of envelopes...!)
I was given a lovely A4 blank paged sketch book recently, and I think I'm going to go all artful and write down (yes, actually WRITE DOWN) recipes in it, with lots of colour and nice fonts. Ambitious!

I also, being as I have a fair bit of Scots in the ancestry, although I've never travelled that far, enjoyed the story just for a taste of culture that is quite different to the culture I know. 
A wonderful bunch of characters in this story. Highly recommend.

Two Free Books

I have a couple of books that are going for free on Amazon over the next few days, until the end of March, I think. The link is HERE . ...