Thursday, December 12, 2019

Christmas bears

There has to be a photo of the Santa Bears, doesn't there?
You can see Bobbie lounging on the chair next to them, unimpressed, as cats are.

On to a different bear... below is a gorgeous photo of a young girl in the early 1900s with a Teddy Bear.  The Teddy Bear came into being in 1902 and a few years later they were being imported into New Zealand and were hugely popular. The 1911 picture below is of a Missie Gifford with a Teddy Bear.

This young chap looks quite happy to be posing with his bear, don't you think?  References for the images at the end of this post, but are all from Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections.

But I think this is my favourite. You wonder who these young children were... and at the back of your mind, if those bears were in mint condition, they'd be worth a fortune!!

Photographer: Herman John Schmidt, Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections
31-66748 Missie Gifford with Teddy..
31-66511 Boy with Teddy, 1911
31-74352 Young boy with Teddy. 1913

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