Mini Golf Och Aye

Summer holidays means... mini golf!  Actually, any holiday means Mini Golf, if its not too ridiculously expensive. Not that I play it a lot, and I didn't really play it regularly, eg on holidays, until some years ago when we went along to a cute mini golf course in Feilding, in the Manawatu, and it became a regular thing we did when we were in that great part of the country.
I was in the South Island recently and happened along to the Riccarton Park Golf Complex in Christchurch. It has big golf too, if that be your thing, but it is not my thing, at this stage in life. 
So MacDuffs is an 18 Hole Mini Golf that has a really cute Scottish theme, including a castle, a Loch Ness Monster, and the sound of bagpipes along the way. I liked it a lot and next time I'm down that way, will pay another visit and try and beat my appalling score.
 Plus we got a free Chuppachup at the end. Can't think what it was for, now, but... yay!