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Retro fashion I would wear

This is pretty groovy. A dress from 1966.  Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections 34-S832D A Poncho!! So Seventies. We had ones a bit like this.  I will might knit one. Or at least, have a go, one day!  Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections FP08477 I'd wear the dress second from the right. It's a 1930s floral dress, neato length, too. And maybe the bathing suit next to it, if I ever went near water. Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections FP3000-0088.  I like the black dresses. But spare the hats. This from a fashion show in the sixties. Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections 1269-W212-32

A Desert Romance

Today is Valentine's Day and I was looking through some old images on line for something Valentine-ish when I found this. It is not actually Valentine's Day material at all, but it was very interesting. Winnie Comber and Irene Speller were actresses in Damascas when they were seen by a young Prince who became so infatuated with them, he asked Winnie to become the chief wife in his haram of 50!! She refused, he tried to kidnap the young women, and they then had to seek protection from the British Consul. This was reported in August 1927!! Fake news perhaps?  I don't know but an interesting story, none the less. Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections AWNS-19270804-48-2 

An adventure with Bobbie the cat

A cat story. It began eighteen months or so ago (actually July 2018) when we became the proud parents of Billie and Bobbie, two female cats from the SPCA. Adorable tabbies, they were a "bonded pair" who may or may not have been related. It was quite sad because they had actually been adopted some months earlier but their new owners had returned them. I have never heard of that before. Who would return such adorable kitties? Well, we were the lucky ones. So we adopted them and we love them to bits.  I am not sure how much they love us back, but you take that chance, as cat owners. About a year ago we became convinced Billie had a serious skin condition and so took her to the vet. BOBBIE Geoff the vet pronounced her a bit on the chubby side, but that she didn't have a terminal skin condition. What she had were fleas which were aggravating her. It was mortifying to say the least. We are not newbie cat owners (she thinks defensively), but he pronounced Billie in exce


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