Friday, February 21, 2020

Retro fashion I would wear

This is pretty groovy. A dress from 1966.
 Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections 34-S832D

A Poncho!! So Seventies. We had ones a bit like this.  I will might knit one. Or at least, have a go, one day!
 Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections FP08477

I'd wear the dress second from the right. It's a 1930s floral dress, neato length, too. And maybe the bathing suit next to it, if I ever went near water. Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections FP3000-0088. 

I like the black dresses. But spare the hats. This from a fashion show in the sixties.
Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections 1269-W212-32

Two Free Books

I have a couple of books that are going for free on Amazon over the next few days, until the end of March, I think. The link is HERE . ...