The Princess Switch

My current Netflix obsession is The Princess Switch. There is much I love about this movie.So much, and here are just some of the reasons.
For a start, it's a Christmas movie. I just love 'em. And they are not just for Christmas. No siree. They are for the whole 52 weeks, if you ask me.
Second, it's got some neat Christmas songs. What's not to love about Christmas songs? See point number eight.
Third, it's got baking. Stacey is a baker, and there is a baking competition, and she makes biscuits to take to the families in the shelter. Who doesn't love baking or at least, eating baked goods?
Fourth, it's about royalty. I got quite emotional seeing Queen Elizabeth knight Captain Tom Moore the other day, and one of the royals shares my birthday. Fantastic.
Fifth, it's got humour in it. What's not to love about humour? 
Sixth, it's got winter in it. Winter is my favourite season.  I also happen to be rather partial to Spring, Summer and Autumn, but Winter is the best. To be fair, it's not all that cold where I live and I've rarely ever encountered snow, but that's the beauty of snow in a movie, on the TV. And the decorations and the Christmas colours of red and green, are all just so beautiful against the backdrop of the snow.
Seventh, it's got the element of magic in it, with the older gent who acts as a matchmaker. What's not to love about a bit of magic in a movie?
Eighth, its got Carol of the Bells, in this charming scene. What's not to love about Carol of the Bells?

I will stop there. But only because I could go on and on and on.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the actors.
I think Vanessa Hudgens is just gorgeous in this film.
I had to google her - High School Musical was a lifetime ago and I got it mixed up with Glee.
But she is just so funny, and rather clever playing two characters, one with an accent. All the actors are great. The film is great!
So there you have it. One of my current favourite films.
I hear there is a sequel, and I can't wait to see it when it comes out.
~ Joanne.