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If you'd like to join my mailing list for my monthly newsletter, I will send you a link to download a free copy of my short story collection, Love The Commute , a collection of five short, romantic reads. (You can tell I take the bus to work from that title!) Here's the blurb: Love The Commute – five short romantic reads perfect for the ride home. Meet Othello, a matchmaking cat; Jennifer and her obsession with an enigmatic pro-wrestler; up-and-coming cook Penny Palmer, who learns a secret that could jeopardise her marriage;  single mum, Tracey, whose new neighbour is having his own fair share of single parent problems; and chocolate-addicted Bridget, who can’t get over her ill-fated relationship with gym-owner, Joel. Five light-hearted, sweet reads – just right for the ride home. All you have to do is click HERE   and it will take you to the sign up page,  then you'll get a Welcome email with the link to download a pdf.

Current work in progress and a lovely review

 I am currently working on a new book, with no title yet, but it will be about Michelle, Daisy's best friend in Dating Daisy  I always thought it would be fun to write Michelle's story, and I came up with an idea a while back, wrote a first chapter and got side-tracked. Now that I am taking annual leave during our new two weeks lockdown here in New Zealand, I have a week to literally write a rough first draft, with no idea of the plot as such, to discover all that as I go along and hopefully at the end, it will work enough, that I can then go back and work on it and make it really, really good. Sounds like a great challenge. On the subject of Daisy, I received a great review on Amazon this week which cheered me up no end.  Not that I needed cheering up, but it cheered me up all the same. With a lot of humor and a little angst Joanne Hill really grabs your attention and holds it with Dating Daisy. Daisy and Joel make a very mismatched but so right for each other couple! I've


  Dating Daisy is free for the next day or so, depending where on the planet you live. The last day is August 13th, so go  here to grab a copy of this romantic comedy, one of my all-time favs. A bookshop owner and an ancient history professor, what's not to love? Daisy Miller needs to save her book shop from going under, and she needs a plan fast. Her solution? Try out for TV's new Mystery Date show to get some free promotion. She just hadn't counted on winning a "date" with hot historian, Dr Joel Benjamin - or that Joel would be the tubby teen she'd commiserated with years ago after a blind date gone wrong. Joel has put those painful teenage years behind him, throwing himself into his work, where he isn't judged by his looks. But meeting Daisy Miller is about to change his life in ways he never thought possible. But will Daisy ever believe that Joel can really, truly love her, when she's spent a lifetime feeling second best? LINK: