Current work in progress and a lovely review

 I am currently working on a new book, with no title yet, but it will be about Michelle, Daisy's best friend in Dating Daisy

 I always thought it would be fun to write Michelle's story, and I came up with an idea a while back, wrote a first chapter and got side-tracked. Now that I am taking annual leave during our new two weeks lockdown here in New Zealand, I

have a week to literally write a rough first draft, with no idea of the plot as such, to discover all that as I go along and hopefully at the end, it will work enough, that I can then go back and work on it and make it really, really good. Sounds like a great challenge.

On the subject of Daisy, I received a great review on Amazon this week which cheered me up no end.  Not that I needed cheering up, but it cheered me up all the same.

With a lot of humor and a little angst Joanne Hill really grabs your attention and holds it with Dating Daisy. Daisy and Joel make a very mismatched but so right for each other couple! I've found my new favorite author from New Zealand. I love the style of the characters as real people I'd like to hang out with. I would recommend this author and this story to any reader that enjoys humorous romances.

If you'd like to buy Daisy, here's the link on Amazon. It is also on the Kindle Unlimited programme.