Some 'Best ofs'

It's always nice to try and remember what the best things of the past year are. Best movie, best book, best this and that. Maybe I should write down everything I read so I can remember. Make lists. I love lists. Actually use my brand new 2021 Bullet Journal for things like this. With pretty doodles. 

At this stage, I would say the best book I read was Diana K. Holmes The Modern Girl. I read the library  hardcover edition, then bought the e-Book as I will want to read it again, it was that good. It was also different from what I normally read but wow, what a story. 

Best movie. Well, I didn't go to any movies that I can remember but I've had Netflix for a couple of years now and I still borrow DVDs from the library and buy them at times.  Two that stick out, because I have watched them several times when I feel like a really great story, was The Age of Adaline and Book Club.

 Book Club was about a group of older friends who read 50 Shades for their book club and it was a riot of a movie. I'm a bit in awe of Jane Fonda. Been a fan of hers ever since The China Syndrome. I also watched The Age of Adaline, completely different but a beautiful movie with a crazy story line. Blake Lively as Adaline, an actress I'd never seen before, was just amazing. It was a movie you ponder a bit, what on earth would I do if I was Adaline? I loved the history in it, as well, and that she worked as a librarian in archives. Lol. 

~ Joanne