Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Cover Reveal

It's been a long time, but here it is.
The cover for Bringing Back Emily.

Most of my covers I make myself using Gimp software and You Tube tutorials. The hardest part is finding an image and I had planned to use this one for another book.
But thinking about, it's perfect. It suits the character of Emily so well.  Emily  has fair hair, she lives in the country, and she wears boho style dresses, so what could be more perfect?

I may tweak it a bit more, and try some different colours for the wording... perhaps... but I get the feeling I won't stray too far from this.

Retro fashion I would wear

This is pretty groovy. A dress from 1966.  Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections 34-S832D A Poncho!! So Seventies. We had ones a...