Saturday, January 4, 2020

Welcome 2020

Two thousand and twenty.... how amazing. 
How amazing the millennium was 20 years ago. 
I'm looking forward to this new year, just like I do every year. I've got a plan. I have a nice new orange bullet journal and I will use it!
And yes, I hope to get fitter this year. Older middle age demands it, actually. In fact, I went through a bunch of aerobics DVDs I'd picked up for next to nothing in a clearance sale (I really do like owning actual DVDs), and to complement the walking, that could be the go. 
I'm not at all sure the fam will appreciate the jumping and subsequent earthquake-like effects, however,  but now is not the age time to be complacent about health and fitness.

Writing wise, I'm a whisker away from releasing "Bringing Back Emily," the follow up to Falling for Jack.  I'm tidying up the next Frazier Bay book, "The Heart of Matthew McLeod", and will finish book three in the Clearlake series, "Belinda's Valentine". To finish all that by this time next year would be great, but I am hopeful, terribly hopeful, there will be much more than that published.
So.... Happy 2020. Onward and upward, all!!

Two Free Books

I have a couple of books that are going for free on Amazon over the next few days, until the end of March, I think. The link is HERE . ...