A morning walk

 Am at the keyboard, on this glorious Sunday, having just got back from taking Mum out for a walk. Or rather, a wheel, since she can't walk long distances much. So we went down to her local beach, a 20 minute walk there, but couldn't get down to the beach itself on account of the steep incline.

It was a nice view though, although mostly obscured by the trees. The local heritage trail booklet says that in 1913, it was estimated that around 200 tents had been put up by campers one day, beneath the shade of the trees on the grass just up from the sand. The trees, Pohutukawas, would have been a lot smaller then, and I can't imagine 200 tents being put up up along that stretch, but that's what happened apparently. 

Anyhow, it was a nice walk and, man, is pushing a wheelchair good exercise.

But now it's back to trying to get my next book, Marrying Michelle, off to my reader, which all going well will happen sometime tomorrow.

~ Joanne