A Perfect Neighbor

 I've been playing around with covers some more and have come up with two designs for the Clearlake Series. The third book in this series should be published in a few months time and I'm re-titling them from Charlottes Wish to A Perfect Neighbor and from Finding Farrell to A Summer Wish.

Note to self: watch the US vs NZ spelling. I realise I've put the kiwi spelling of neighbour, not neighbor, in there.

I have too  many Christian names in my book titles, so I thought it was about time for a brand new look to launch the third book. 

Here's the cover to the first book, which is still for sale as Charlotte's Wish. I really like it, it's got that homely, family feel to it which is what it's about.

Clearlake, by the way,  is a fictional place in the United States that I've created. I thought a county was a good way to go, as it can incorporate a small town (in this case Riverdale) and a bigger city (which is of course Clearlake).

I see a lakeside cover coming for the third book!!

~ Joanne