Time out

 I went for a walk with my old mum down to the harbour this morning and it was pretty nice.

 It was cool and windy, not like an Auckland summer at all,

These days, I've discovered that using a wheel chair is the best option for taking mum out, since Auckland is very hilly and it's good exercise, pushing a wheel chair, up hill and down again. Really good exercise.

When we get to the bay, she gets out, and we walk around, and today watched some people kite sailing . There were no family groups setting up for picnics etc as it was chilly and overcast. In other words, it was nice and peaceful and quiet. Just two old girls and the seagulls. 

We shared a muffin and some coffee I'd bought from home. 

So, it was a nice hour down at the water, then back home again to get stuck into writing!