Working on work

I have four days in a row coming up where I've got some annual leave, and I shall work on some work.

I have bold plans to finish the first draft of Marrying Michelle and work on rebranding the Clearlake County books which means fiddling with new titles and new covers. It's fun.


I do love the weekends. That is one of the pros to having an actual job you go to, besides the obvious thing of being able to pay the bills. The weekends have a bit of a pattern to them now and after all the Christmas and New Year and family birthday that there was over the two weeks of Christmas, its very nice to settle down and get back into a rhythm. Always, though, with the expectation that at some point we may well go into another lock down if that new strain gets out into the community. Most of my dire predictions tend to not come true. They can be rather creative fantastical. But I think on this one, the reality is it will happen here in New Zealand. We'll see if I'm wrong!

~ Joanne

PS: You can still download my short story More than Okay from the following link HERE if you'd like a free Christmas-themed read.