New reading discovery Agatha Raisin

I've been reading outside of the beloved romance genre lately, and combining it with audio books, downloaded through my library.

My latest find are the Agatha Raisin mysteries, by MC Beaton, light mysteries that are solved by former PR superstar, Agatha, and set in a village in the Cotswolds in England. What I really love about the audio versions in particular are that they are actually plays that were made for radio in the UK, so it isn't a story being narrated, but acted. Like back in the olden days when they used to have serials on the radio. 

With the Agatha Raisins, I downloaded them, free of charge, via Overdrive from the library, so I can listen to them offline, while walking or riding on the bus.  I can't recommend it enough. Even more, the fabulous Penelope Keith plays Agatha Raisin and is just divine in that role. What a cantankerous character she is.  Even better, there are dozens of Agatha mysteries to get through. What a treat!